Momentum provides design, integration and logistics services to enable medical, AR/VR, technology and AI companies to innovate new solutions in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

First-Article Design

We work with the product team to identify the correct IT technology to meet and exceed project requirements. Our mission-critical First Article process mitigates risk, optimizes integration and eliminates unnecessary expenses.

Volume Integration

Our team will scale from First Article to small batch test to high-volume integration and deployments. We focus on technology leverage and resource optimization to deliver cost-effective and time-efficient new-product introductions.

Global Logistics Management

We provide real-time inventory control, shipment tracking, order management & monitoring, and instant quotes from multiple carriers and freight forwarders. You benefit from our leading-edge systems and vast network of warehouse locations.

Life-Cycle Management

Our comprehensive life cycle management services are based on extensive know-how of the end-to-end OEM process and benchmarking industry-leading standards of our vendor community.

First-Article DESIGN

Our first-article services identify business and technological drivers that define the project requirements, parameters and deliverables. We have a track of record of meeting the strictest demands of highly regulated industries and eliminating production stress, allowing you to focus on your products, services and customers.

Whether your delivery programs are at small or large volumes, a well-planned and controlled First Article process will mitigate risk, avoid unnecessary expenses, and minimize legal liabilities.

Our design process


Project Discovery

Understand and document the business needs, functional requirements and desired performance outcomes. The information collected during discovery is used as the basis for the Design Requirements Specification.


Design Requirements Specification (DRS)

Define an optimal Bill of Materials (BOM) and select the most appropriate vendors in order to support the budget, scalability, manufacturability, and longevity while maximizing the benefits of the platform.


Computer System Validation

The CSV process establishes that the Installation (IQ), Operational (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) of the system will meet the business requirements and provides assurance that the process will consistently deliver a product that meets the defined specifications and quality attributes.


First Article Inspection

This is the first produced unit that both the customer and Momentum agree to use as the required standard for all subsequent units. It establishes that the production process for the unit is correct and can reliably mass produce the product to spec.

Volume Integration

Our approach to system integration provides our customers with the ability to scale from First Article to large volume production deployments. Our California operations and multiple warehouses give us the flexibility to integrate and ship globally.

As an ISO 9110 and ISO 13485 company, we exceed our client’s exacting quality and efficiency metrics.

How we help you scale


Supply Forecasting

Supply planning of raw materials, packaging and other forecasted or non-forecasted supplies according to inventory levels and logistics constraints; meeting established SLAs, minimizing production downtimes and assuring on-time production and delivery.


Master Production Scheduling

Leveraging industry leading manufacturing practices, we meticulously and repeatedly perform the documented processes to assure every single mass-produced unit performs and meets the initial criteria.


Procurement Planning & Optimization

Effectively manage purchasing, inventory, order management and logistics processes across a wide range of pre-selected vendors and freight forwarders, following delivery schedules tightly according to forecasting requirements.


Quality & Compliance Records

We keep a Device History Record File for every produced unit throughout the life of the product to support any potential audit requirements.


Our vast network of dedicated and shared warehouse locations, in combination with our leading processes and on-line systems provide real-time inventory control, shipment tracking, order management, monitoring, and instant quoting from multiple carriers and freight forwarders. This ensures that your distribution solutions are cost-effective and compliant with international freight forwarding, global trade and customs clearance services.

How we help you deliver


Global Forward Logistics

We provide an enhanced global delivery experience at lower freight costs. We oversee all aspects of the transportation cycle, including: bill of lading verification, proof of delivery and real-time shipment tracking.


Inventory Financing

We offer inventory financing solutions to grant your business the economic relief to focus your resources in value-added activities.



We provide on-site and shared warehousing services including: receiving, custom packaging, BOM validation, quality inspection, consolidation, and cross docking.


Post Delivery Support & Return Management

Management of all post-delivery services for our customers and their customers, including: RMA and Repairs, Refurbish, Help Desk & Spare Parts Management. “An appropriate return management process is essential to sustaining customer satisfaction.”


Momentum offers a comprehensive life cycle management services with quality and document tracking and documentation. Our end-to-end OEM process exceeds the industry leading standards of our vendor community.

Our seasoned team of specialists will supplement your existing resources on the day-to-day activities overseeing, manufacturer management, vendor audits, last time buys, EOL management, vendor escalations, risk, license and warranty management.

Our life-cycle management process


EoL Planning, Financing & Management

Close management of supplier partners, accurate roadmap mapping making sure the longest shelf life possible. In the event of EOL, plan and stock any given component to facilitate the progression of the program.


Sustaining Engineering & Long-term Support

Supervise the system and effectively manage engineering change orders (ECO) assuring the solution remains compliant and continues to perform according to the pre-defined system requirements.


Software License Management

A systemic approach to procure, manage and deploy SW licenses in accordance to contract rights.


Hardware Warranty Management

A single point of contact to effectively store, manage and consult warranties from all your vendors, making sure that all entitled obligations are met when it is required.

About Us

Founded in 1991, Momentum Microsystems, Inc. has been a leading provider of integrated turn-key computing solutions for over 20 years, serving and partnering with Medical OEMs, ISVs, manufacturers and logistics service providers. We work closely with our customers, applying our expertise in systems integration and network systems engineering to help them deploy complex software and hardware solutions, providing a competitive advantage in capitalizing on new business ventures. We provide custom integration and operate a production facility with capabilities for worldwide deployment.