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Digital Signage

Momentum Microsystems, Inc. has successfully positioned itself in the innovative and thriving Digital Media market. Momentum Microsystems provides customers with exceptional broadband installation (inclusive of head end build out and network integration) coupled with audio and video capability. Feel confident Momentum Microsystems will deliver a Digital Media system that attracts attention and leaves your consumers with a lasting impression.

How about the ultimate tool?

For communicating in public spaces for advertising and merchandising, how about a networked digital media display system that not only grabs people's attention, but informs, entertains and, most important, drives them to action. Research proves digital signage to be an effective medium to deliver the key messages you want your customers to receive, at a speed that matches the ever-changing nature of your business. And it does so with an unprecedented level of control, reliability, and simplicity, whether it's in a single location or thousands reaching from coast to coast.

Here is how Momentum Microsystems can help

We can direct you on how to maximize the impact of your digital signage network from concept to design. The Digital Media Practice here at Momentum Microsystems is focused on assisting our client base on assembling the best of breed to pull together a comprehensive plan based on your needs. We have the experience with a list of successful references as a benchmark.

Digital Signage Expertise

An expert in the area of Digital Signage, Momentum Microsystems can assist you in planning and deploying a Digital Signage solution for your application and budget. Rapidly-dropping prices for large plasma and LCD screens and wide availability of Internet connectivity have caused digital signage deployments to gain in popularity, and displays can now be found in such diverse locations as financial institute, retail outlets, transit hubs (like airports or bus stations), doctor's offices, fast food restaurants and even gas stations.

"Digital Signage in the Retail Environment: A Guide from Retail Customer Experience"

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