Quality Leader

January 23, 2020


Position Objectives

To continue Momentum’s long-standing tradition as a quality leader in the industries where we focus.  Expand on our history of brining global quality standards to our industry.  Drive the industry. We are a quality-focused, customer first company


What you’ll work on

Our Quality Leader is responsible for exceptional execution on the following:

  • Building a “Quality Culture” at Momentum Microsystem.
  • Running the ISO, FDA and other industry quality standard programs
  • Execute quality programs based on OEM and customer requirements including HPI, HPE, Lenovo, and Dell.
  • Determine quality, test and manufacturing processes for customer projects.
  • Design test plans for each Internal or Customer related processes
  • Participate in customer planning meetings and presentations
  • Assist in the project management for each OEM project onboarding
  • Respond to process and program requirements from OEMs, customers and Momentum sales organization


Who we’re looking for

A person with great analytical, process and program skills.  We are looking for a collaborative individual who can take a great quality foundation and improving it including the addition of additional industry certifications.

We seek a person who believe that quality must be in every step of every process. Someone who has the courage to drive our organization to be the best in the industry and to never allow us to not consider quality as everyone responsibility.

Team Culture

We are a customer-first culture that stress service, attentiveness to details and focus on technology.


About Momentum

Founded in 1991, Momentum Microsystems is a full-service OEM focused in the Medical, IoT and Industrial Display industries.  We are privately held, team oriented and customer focused.


Get in touch

If you’re excited about having the opportunity for high impact, broad range of work, and help set the culture for the team for years to come, we’d love to talk to you. Please feel free to drop us a line at careers@momentummicro.com



  1. What do you usually look for when assessing the work culture of the facility?
  2. Why did you get into Quality?
  3. What is your definition of Quality System?
  4. What would you do if upper management does not agree with your assessment? Or the data that is presented to them?
  5. Looking at current QA trends, what do you think clients want? How would you ensure that our plans meet those needs?