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Momentum's Role in Your Solution

We understand that medical device manufacturers need a reliable system integration partner in order to free their resources from computing, and focus on their technology. We also understand the typical needs of an MDM, including:

  • Stable product platforms for a minimum of 18-24 months
  • Timely product road maps and engineering change notifications
  • Hardware customization
  • Aggressive and competitive upfront pricing discounts
  • A global supply chain
  • World-class global support

We have the experience and capability to provide computing solutions for all these needs and more. We partner with global leaders, such as HP, Apple and NEC in order to leverage our logistical capabilities and provide our customers with the reliability and stability they need.

Momentum can provide, configure, certify and ensure continuing availability of computing systems over the lifetime of your device. In the bundled OEM segment we offer contract integration, and operate a production facility capable of worldwide deployment. We handle everything from specification and selection through deployment and support. Our industry expertise, coupled with our desire to provide the highest level of customer service, has led to many successful long-term partnerships with leading MDMs.

Momentum Microsystems is also ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 certified. We know as an MDM, you are responsible for providing life-critical solutions, and require high level certification. Why shouldn't your partner be certified as well?

For more information on Momentum and the computing services we provide everyday, click here.

Why Do You Need Computer System Hardware Validation?

  • Excellent Return On Investment (ROI) - Stable and consistent platforms with long hardware lifecycles maximize the value of the computer system.
  • Increased employee efficiency and effectiveness reduces labor costs.
  • Quality hardware will allow problems to be isolated and validated in accordance with your company's Software Systems Development Master Plan (SDMP)
  • Reduced Risk - Legal liability, not regulatory, is often the most important reason to perform validation
  • Promotes continual process improvement.  Validation is not a onetime event.

Why Choose Momentum?

We take pride in what we do at Momentum, and it is our pleasure to support MDMs making critical advances on the medical forefront. Download our industry brief by clicking the link below for more information on why a systems integrator is so vital, and why Momentum is the clear choice.

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