Partner with HP and Momentum

HP is one of the largest technology companies in the world. A partnership with Momentum and HP means you will have access to the latest technology, a global supply chain and quick, reliable field support all over the world, all while receiving the personal attention you deserve. HP’s extensive testing will ensure that you receive top-tier products with the longest life-cycles available. HP has recently improved its medical OEM program. That, coupled with Momentum’s vast experience and knowledge in the medical OEM industry, will ensure that medical device manufacturers will get the service and support they need.

HP Products

HP is #1 in workstations, desktops and thin clients. HP products have 18-24 month life-cycles (if not longer) and are supported globally. Whether you’re looking for servers, PCs, workstations, storage, networking, software, or other peripherals, HP is the industry leader in technology, and always provides products of the highest quality. HP products are tested and assessed far beyond industry standards. Testing includes drop, shock, vibration, humidity and temperature. When you buy an HP product, you can be assured that it will last.

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