Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the industry by establishing the standard of excellence in customer satisfaction by providing state-of-the-art technology with the highest quality of service and support. Our commitment is to continue to provide complete integrated solutions through personalized service, continued education and latest technological innovation.


Instead of telling you what you need, we start by analyzing what you have. Our focus is on the client requirements, strong relationships with clients, vendors and distributors while applying the concept of business value. As a system integrator, we partner with a manufacturing company to deliver products and services to the client. We are not order takers. Once we have the project knowledge, we research the technology. Technology is a very important part of what we do; it’s just not the most important thing. We will focus on what technology can do for a customer’s business or how it fits into a given project or a strategic objective, keeping the bottom line in focus at all times.

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

We all know and accept that customer satisfaction is a strategic goal for all organizations involved in the delivery of service. The employees of Momentum Microsystems, Inc. are exceptional in understanding and satisfying customer needs. We prefer to do our business face-to-face, so that projects (business and technical) can be accurate, properly managed, efficient and cost effective. Our knowledge of the customer environment and business needs allows us to offer the right solutions.

Focus on Business Value

We think customers buy when they are shown that solutions they are considering can provide the business value relating to their business. Without clearly demonstrated business value, a company shouldn’t buy anything.

At Momentum Microsystems, Inc., the concept of getting real value for money spent is the cornerstone of the way we do business. This concept of real value is implicit in everything that we do.

Experience and Accountability

Momentum Microsystems Professional Services enhance productivity, reduce business risk and provide supplemental resources. Our professional services programs enable customers to optimize their IT operations by providing expertise in network and workstation planning, design and deployment. At Momentum, our priority is always you – no matter how complex the task – and we are dedicated to providing you exactly the services you need.

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